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Working outThe FIU "Lose It" Program is based loosely upon TV's Biggest Loser series begun in 2004 to promote weight loss in a competition-based atmosphere. The various programs housed professionals ranging from clinical psychologists, chefs, physicians, and injury prevention professional, and a registered dietitian. With this team of professionals, participants were given the individual attention needed to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

Since 2004, the Biggest Loser has become a worldwide phenomenon produced in 25 countries and aired in over 90. FIU Recreation Services has adopted the program into the LOSE IT Program to promote health and wellness to the University community. The FIU Lose It Program has already helped the FIU family lose over 2,000 pounds! Check out the new format where you can lose weight together with co-workers and/or friends! And, the FIU LOSE IT Program staff is now BIGGEST LOSER© Certified!

SUMMER BOOTCAMP 2014 (no Lose It during the summer)


Registration Starts:
SUMMER 14-WEEK BOOTCAMP: Mon., May 5 (through Fri., May 10) - look for the BootCamp table in the Rec Center lobby 1pm-6pm during the first week of classes.

Program Schedule:
SUMMER 14-WEEK BOOTCAMP: Mon., May 12 - Thurs., Aug. 14

SUMMER 14-WEEK BOOTCAMP: $130 (new participants): $125 (returning participants*)
*Returning participants can bring a new person & receive a $5 discount

The BOOTCAMP Program:
Based upon the 7 Dimensions of Wellness (physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, social, intellectual, and financial), each week of the program emphasizes a different dimension. Lose It sponsors will be providing incentive prizes each week. Multiple sessions each day will be offered (morning, afternoon, & evening).

Eligibility Requirements (Lose It Program only:
- Women must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 26 to qualify (download this form: Body Mass Table)
- Men must have a BMI of at least 28 (download this form: Body Mass Table)
- Required of new participants: Medical History Questionnaire
- If necessary - Medical Clearance Release
- All participants must be Rec Center members (membership information)


Please evaluate the current LOSE IT Program here


Spring 2014:

- 1st Place: Christina U. (16.5 lbs. - second time in a row!)
- 2nd Place: Liz T. (14.5 lbs.)
- 3rd Place: Maria C. (11 lbs.)

Winners all received a free PantherFIT Group Fitness Class Pass for a semester. First place receives free personal training and free admission to the Lose It Program for a semester.



"Hi, I'm Christina Ustiak. I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I would try to work out and eat healthy but would always come up with an excuse or just give up because I was not seeing results. One of my friends joined a program at the FIU Rec Center for a semester and I saw how well it worked for her so I decided that I would join Lose It and try it out.

Christina Ustiak - Before
Christina Ustiak - After

In June 2012, I joined the Lose It program. If on the first day, someone told me this program would change my life forever and I would meet some amazing people who one day I would call friends, I would have told them that's not possible and I would be lucky to last the semester. Well two years later, I can truly say that Lose It has changed my life and I have met some amazing people, who have become my close friends. My trainer Danny has been my trainer since the beginning. He has been there through everything with me, from struggling to last a full session to the times I have been injured and needed modifications during sessions to the mini successes of doing something I could never do before. He is not just my trainer but has been my biggest supporter during my weight loss journey. He is always there to answer questions and help me. Also, Nikki, Ily and the other trainers are truly more than just trainers as well; they became a support system for me too. They push me to try harder and taught me I am capable of doing anything. Also during the sessions, no matter who was in the sessions, I always felt welcomed and the other participants always encouraged each other. I have become friends with a couple of the people I met at Lose It sessions and we push each other to go and support one another. Danny is the one who encouraged me to try the fitness classes at the Rec Center. I have fallen in love with Zumba and now enjoy taking other classes at the Rec Center too. I have currently lost 90 pounds since starting Lose It. I still have a ways to go until I get to my dream weight but with the help of my trainers, I know I will get there with time. This program has not only physically helped me but has given me back my confidence and rebuilt my self-esteem.

I would strongly recommend Lose It to anyone who wants a program that gives you the support you need, tips on how to improve your health and knowing that you will always have people to turn to. I have gone from being a shy, overweight girl who would never go to the gym to a confident, young lady who can always be found at one of the Lose It sessions, at a Zumba class or even teaching my own group fitness class at FIU's BBC Rec Center. I love being a part of Lose It and everything it has done for me in the last two years."

Christina Ustiak