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imleagues logoRegistration for IM Sports is via an online scheduling system - IMLeagues. IMLeagues expands the scheduling and communication capabilities of IM Sports by making registration for intramurals and contact between the department, team captains and individual team members a lot more easier.

For instructions on how to sign up your team, and even how to register if you don't have a team, click on this link. To see the full list of sports being offered for the current semester, go here.

Online registration begins approx. 2 and 1/2 weeks prior to the advertised deadline date.

Interested in officiating IM Sports?

refRecreation Services provides training for Sport Officials through pre-season clinics, on-field/court evaluation and game experience. Learn about rules, mechanics and game presence.

Good pay, decent hours to work around your class schedule in-season, and meet lots of new people. Become a leader!

For more on becoming an IM Official...

Don't know how to play an Intramural Sport?

HuddleCome to a "Learn-To-Play Clinic" to get the basic rules and try some basic skills in these 1 and 1/2 hour sessions. Clinics are free, but you do need to register prior. Call IM Sports at (305) 348-1054 or email for more info.

Check the sports descriptions for the date and time of that team sport's clinic. Note that not all sports have a clinic.


stop signIn the State of Florida, hazing is a criminal offense. Hazing is when any group (IM team, sport club, greek organization, etc.), or individual action or activity, that inflicts or intends to inflict physical or mental harm or discomfort or which may demean, disgrace, or degrade any person, regardless of location, intent, or consent of the participant(s) occurs. (FIU Student Handbook, Student Code of Conduct 6.i)

Hazing includes, but is not limited to:

- Interference with a student’s academic performance.
- Forced consumption of any food, alcohol, controlled substances, drugs, or any other substance.
- Forced physical activity (beyond what is ordinarily part of an organized, voluntary sports contest/practice/training).
- Deprivation of food or sleep.
- Kidnapping, including restricting a person to move about in free and lawful manner.
- Physical abuse of any nature.
- Performing personal chores or errands.
- Verbal abuse or degradation, including yelling or demands.
- Assigning or endorsing pranks (i.e. stealing, harassing other organizations, defacing property, etc.).
- Any action or threatened action that would subject the individual to embarrassment, humiliation or mental distress, including the use of demeaning names.
- Any other acts or intended acts that constitute hazing pursuant to 240.1325 Florida Statutes.

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Upcoming IM Sports - Summer '14

Summer A 7-on-7 Outdoor Soccer League
Entry Deadline: 5pm, Thurs., May 15, begins Mon., May 19

Summer A 5-on-5 Basketball League
Entry Deadline: 5pm, Thurs., May 15, begins Mon., May 19

Summer B 7-on-7 Flag Football League
Entry Deadline: 5pm, Thurs., June 26, begins Mon., June 30

Summer B 5-on-5 Basketball League
Entry Deadline: 5pm, Thurs., June 26, begins Mon., June 30